Welcome to the event schedule and directory for the 13th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium, November 20-21, 2019. Free and open to all, the Symposium encourages a comprehensive review of the current state of our watershed while creating learning and networking opportunities for a broad array of stakeholders. Sessions cover a broad range of topics on water quality and watershed issues with local, regional, and national relevance. Hosted by Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration.

Powerpoints and audio recordings are available. Click on a session and scroll down to the attached files.
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Is there any cost to attend? None.This event is free and open to all.
Are meals provided?   Lunch and snacks are included with registration.
Where is the venue located? Utah Cultural Celebration Center at 1355 W 3100 S, West Valley City. For more detail, check out the room map.
How about WIFI?  Wifi hotspot is "West Valley City Connect", no password needed to logon.
Where do I park?  Free parking is available at the venue.
How do I get the mobile event app?  Download the SCHED app on your mobile device, and then search for "Watershed Symposium 2019" on the app.
How do I print the schedule?  Click here for the full schedule with abstracts. Select "Simple" view if you just want session titles and times. We also have a one-page grid schedule.
Can I save my schedule? Yes, but you need to login to SCHED create your personal schedule.
What is SCHED? It's a web and mobile-based app that we use to host the official schedule and directory for the Symposium. When you register on Eventbrite you get an automatic login to SCHED.
Can I get CEU credits? We've prepared a generic  CEU Worksheet to submit for your credits.
Who can I contact?  Symposium Coordinator, Lynn Berni, (385) 468-6643

  • Please register yourself for the Symposium. The event is free and lunch will be provided.
  • We expect approximately 300-350 attendees each day.
  • Please agree to leave politics at the door.
  • Check out the Utah Cultural Celebration Center venue map.
  • Please be aware that photos, videos, and audio will be taken during the Symposium.

  • Please provide a photo for your profile in the schedule (2MB max), and double-check your bio. 
  • Breakout timeslots are 30 minutes (25 to present and 5 for Q&A). We will keep strict time.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the session start time to check equipment, make sure your presentation is loaded, meet with the session moderator, and resolve any last-minute issues.
  • Breakout session audience size can range from 120-200.
  • Come prepared to give a talk that is informational and interactive!
  • Bring copies of any handouts.
  • Audio recordings and presentation files for each session will be posted online.

Presentation Files
  • Send us your presentation by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18
  • Two ways to send us your files:
  • Please save files as:  FullSessionTitle_Lastname_Date (YearMonthDay, e.g._20181104).
  • If using powerpoint, please save a PDF version as well.
  • If using Prezi, please email the link to lberni@slco.org.
  • Please also bring your presentation on a flash drive, just in case.
  • Presentations must reflect what was submitted on the abstract proposal.

  • Please provide a photo for your profile in the schedule, and double-check your bio.
  • Posters will be presented in the Great Hall during two Poster Sessions.
  • Posters may be setup starting at 7:30am on November 20.
  • We will provide easels, 30x40” board, and binder clips for mounting. If you are bringing a hard-back, pre-mounted poster, please make sure it will not be too large for a typical easel.
  • Let us know if you plan to display your poster on something other than an easel.

Exhibitors (Info Tables)
  • Please have tables set up by 8:30am on November 20.
    • Set up may start at 7:30am.
    • Tables can be left overnight.
  • Staffed tables are preferred, especially during networking breaks.
  • Please have all tabling staff register for the conference. Registration is free and lunch is included.
  • One 6' x 30" table and two chairs will be provided.
  • Please advise if more space, access to power, or wall space is needed.
  • To increase traffic and interactivity at the tables, we’ve planned two networking snack breaks each day with prize drawings during the afternoon break. Table visits = raffle tickets. We'll provide the tickets.

Session Moderators
  • Please touch base with the Volunteer Coordinator when you check-in
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before session start time to check equipment, make sure presentations are on the laptop, meet the speakers, and resolve any last-minute issues.
  • Brief each speaker on how the session will be conducted, including when and how time reminders will be communicated:
    • Determine how they want to handle Q&A: throughout the session, or at the end.
    • Remind them that sessions are 30 minutes total -- 25 min. to present, and a dedicated 5 min. for Q&A at the end.
    • Setup the iPad countdown timer app .
    • You will announce the session end when time is up.
At session start:
  • Introduce the presentation title and each speaker’s name and organization.
  • An introduction “script” will be provided, which you are welcome (but not required) to use.
    **Note: Please do not read speaker bios verbatim.**
  • Request that cell phones be silenced and remind attendees to leave the room before answering a call.
  • Remind the speakers to repeat all questions. So very important. We want to be sure the questions can be heard by everyone in the audience and on the audio recording.
    **You'll have to remind speakers more than once. Don't be shy!**
Keeping time:
  • Start on time. This is extremely important to ensure each speaker has their full allotted time, as well as having time for questions and answers.
  • Each session is 30 minutes total -- 25 min. to present and a dedicated 5 min. for Q&A at the end (unless the speakers prefer to take Q's during the session).
  •  You may need to interrupt to ensure they finish on time.
  • Do not let individuals monopolize the Q&A. If that happens, suggest they continue their Q's after the session.
  • End on time. Thank the speakers and encourage the audience to give feedback!