Welcome to the event schedule and directory for the 13th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium, November 20-21, 2019. Free and open to all, the Symposium encourages a comprehensive review of the current state of our watershed while creating learning and networking opportunities for a broad array of stakeholders. Sessions cover a broad range of topics on water quality and watershed issues with local, regional, and national relevance. Hosted by Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration.

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Jason Draper

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, Utah
Jason Draper has more than fifteen years of experience in environmental and civil engineering with experience in flood plain management, green infrastructure, development review, stormwater program management and water quality regulations. He has been responsible for residential and commercial developments and has experience in reviewing engineering plans, subdivision plat, and capital projects.

He currently works for Salt Lake City Public Utilities as a development review engineer, flood plain manager, and green infrastructure specialist. He has contributed to multiple projects including, the 900 South Storm Water Quality Treatment facility, the SLC Public Utilities parking lot Bioretention and Miller Park creek and riparian improvements.

He is a Certified Flood Plain Manager and is a member of the Jordan River Technical Advisory Committee, Chair of the Salt Lake City Green Infrastructure Working Group, and a member of the NACTO Green Infrastructure Steering Committee.
Wednesday, November 20

8:00am MST

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Thursday, November 21

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