Welcome to the event schedule and directory for the 13th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium, November 20-21, 2019. Free and open to all, the Symposium encourages a comprehensive review of the current state of our watershed while creating learning and networking opportunities for a broad array of stakeholders. Sessions cover a broad range of topics on water quality and watershed issues with local, regional, and national relevance. Hosted by Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration.

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Zach Aanderud

Brigham Young University
Associate Professor
Provo, UT
Dr. Zach Aanderud is an Associate Professor of Microbial and Ecosystem Ecology at Brigham Young University. His research links temporal fluctuations in resources to microbial community structure and ecosystem services. This overarching theme has inspired questions relating to the: 1) consequences of rainfall and snowfall change on bacterial community assembly and trace gas production; 2) impacts of disturbances on bacterial communities and water and soils quality in arid environments; and, 3) more recently, roles of bacterial functional traits in surviving and thriving in extreme environments (i.e., dry valleys of Antarctica and hypersaline lakes across the Western United States).